A performance for galleries, foyers and studio spaces. 
45 mins duration.
First presented Rich Mix, London, May 2018.
Further performances at Vivid Projects (Birmingham), Central Saint Martins (London) and Backlit Gallery (Nottingham) for Nottdance 2019.
Two idiots introduce and explore a pair of collapsible tables.
Lost somewhere between scientific enquiry and childish recklessness, body and furniture contort around one another. A giddy study shifts from texture to space, gesture to pose, and detail to whole.
"This stripped-down, performance style with its limited vocabulary of isolated words “this”, “that”, “here” is direct and engaging, bringing to mind the playful work of one of my performance heroes Gary Stevens."

- James Yarker, Artistic Director of Stan’s Cafe.
We love the comparison. Gary Stevens is one of our heroes too. 
We wanted to make a lo-fi performance that could be performed in any kind of space.
This exploits the gestures of investigation and thought, drawing together the the restless bodies of slapstick with contemporary choreography and sculpture.
The work is thrilling, and cheap to rehearse and travel – we're keen to show it in as many spaces and to as many audiences as we can. Driven by the unpredictable movements and textures of the collapsible tables, this wild and joyful work continues to mature and develop, critically responding to each context it is presented in.
This was developed through residencies at Dance4, Nottingham and DanceXchange, Birmingham, in 2018.
All photos by David Wilson Clarke.