we make lots of things: performances, exhibitions, interventions, texts, workshops, discussions, videos, sculptures, interventions, collaborations, etc.
there are three main strands:
- hosting / self-organised

We hold space for artist-peers to do the work they do. Through our free choreography school, Only Losers Left Alive, we are facilitating a group of 'losers, loners, lovers and doubters' across the East Midlands to work, think, eat and move together across 2020. Our infrequent radio station Radio Play 

is a live online broadcast of experimental sound works, invited by our peers across geographical and disciplinary borders. 

These projects happen inside and outside of institutional spaces. They practice transparency, peer-exchange, debt, pleasure and cheerleading. We are grateful for those who have made space for us, and avoid ideas of 'generosity' or 'altruism' through the understanding that these exchanges feed and challenge us. We are hesitant about words like 'curation' or 'independent', and seek to instead make this a contribution to a 'feral' ecology of artistic practice.

Photo by Collette Rayner
- artworks / performances

While we (probably) most often work with performance, we make lots of things that get presented in galleries, online, in publications, on stages. We work with a range of materials and practices, including sculpture, collage, video, sound, drawing, text and print. We often undertake residencies to grapple with particular materials for the first time: like video (Hospitalfield, 2016), sculpture (Summer Lodge, 2017), sound (Siobhan Davies Dance, 2018) and light (PACT Zollverein, 2019). Next on the list are scripts and acting: we are working with playwright Andy Edwards on Two Hander, a narrative five-act play set in the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-5, with support from Playwrights Studio Scotland, Nottingham Playhouse and Dance4. 

Major projects include This (2018), a performance for galleries and studio spaces that draws together the the restless bodies of slapstick with contemporary choreography and sculpture; solo exhibition As If Nobody's Watching (2019) at 4/4 in Nottingham of collage, sculpture and print that formed hesitant and critical relationships to their own visibility and display; and Can You Feel It? (2019), a stage performance that presents a virtuosic, excessive, and mischievous laboratory of feeling, through which two performers thread an (impossible) line between feeling and fakery.

Photo by Adam Grainger
- discursive / critical 

We are engaged formally and informally, as a collective and independently, with discussions around contemporary artistic practice and its institutional landscape.

We have recently undertaken a series of projects to critically address the nature of arts institutions, and the roles of and relationships between organisational staff, artists and public. Through Ghosting (2019), we invited a group of artists, researchers, critics and performers to transform themselves into ghosts and haunt Toynbee Studios - to explore “uncertainty, bad feeling, and the histories we’d rather forget”. This research project culminated in a digital publication (Autumn 2020).


In 2020 the project, Table Dances and Boardroom Games, will present table dances on the office desks’ of arts organisations – decelerating working rhythms and returning to the ‘trans-generational contract’ of the institution – before hosting a discursive séance on notions of ownership and stewardship with the stakeholders of these spaces (staff, artists, public, civic officers, funders, the dead, the not-yet-here).

mutual dependency

All of this work is made through a network of peers and organisations; through knocking on doors, leaning on each other, and asking for favours.


Our current and most frequent collaborators include:

Sonia E Barrett, Gareth Cutter, Fionn Duffy, Andy Edwards, Alex Fernandes, Garth Gratrix, Hamish MacPherson, Sam Pardes, Orley Quick and Anika Vajagic.

We have received commissions, awards and significant support from:

PACT Zollverein (Essen), Siobhan Davies Dance (London), Dance4 (Nottingham), Sue Maufe (Norfolk),  David Roberts Art Foundation (London), Live Art Development Agency (London), Arts Council England, DanceXchange (Birmingham), a-n (Newcastle and London), Chisenhale Dance Space (London) and others.

We retain all of our institutional applications as a publicly accessible archive:

Sheffield Theatre (Sheffield, UK) Can You Feel It?, Feb 2020: pdf


School of Waters Biennial, BJCEM (San Marino) Can You Feel It?, January 2020: pdf

1927 Bursary (London, UK) Two Hander, January 2020: pdf

The Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award (London, UK) Two Hander, December 2019: pdf


Allotment Fund, Chisenhale Dance Space (London, UK) Table Dances and Boardroom Games, December 2019: pdf


Development Awards, Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund (UK) Table Dances and Boardroom Games, November 2019 : pdf

Bursary, a-n (UK) Table Dances and Boardroom Games, November 2019: pdf

Amplify Festival, Nottingham Playhouse (Nottingham, UK) Can You Feel it?, October 2019: pdf

Tanzmesse 2020 (Düsseldorf, Germany) This, October 2019: pdf

New Work Fund, Jerwood Arts (London, UK) Two Hander, June 2019: pdf


DIY16 Live Art Development Agency (London, UK) Ghosting, March 2019: pdf

Print: A Catalyst for Social Change, Bury Art Museum (Manchester, UK) Pointing the Finger, February 2019: pdf


Project Grants, Arts Council England (UK) Can You Feel It?, January 2019: pdf


Choreodrome, The Place (London, UK) Can You Feel It?, January 2019: pdf


The Next Thing Award, Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre (Bury, UK) Filibuster, November 2018: pdf


Edinburgh Showcase 2019, British Council (UK) This, October 2018: pdf


Sprint 2019, Camden People’s Theatre (London, UK) This, October 2018: pdf


OPEM Residencies, The Collection (Lincoln, UK) Trade, September 2018: pdf


Oops Festival, Swallows Feet (Brighton, UK) This, September 2018: pdf


Developing Your Creative Practice fund, Arts Council England (UK) August 2018: pdf 


Emergency 2018, Word of Warning (Manchester, UK) Empty Gestures, August 2018: pdf


Nottingham Takeover 2019, UK Young Artist (Nottingham, UK) A Pig’s Ear, July 2018: pdf


Residency, Pact Zollverein (Essen, Germany) Can You Feel It?, July 2018: pdf


Artistic Commissions, Dance Hub (Birmingham, UK) Can You Feel It?, June 2018: pdf

SURGE 2018, The Courtauld Institute of Art (London, UK) April 2018: pdf


SPILL Open, SPILL Festival (Ipswich, UK) This, March 2018: pdf


DIY15, Live Art Development Agency (London, UK) In One Ear and Out the Other, March 2018: pdf


CARP 2018, The Civic (Barnsley, UK) Open/Close, March 2018: pdf


Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England (UK) This, February 2018: pdf


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Scratch Night, Derby Theatre (Derby, UK) This, January 2018: pdf

Residency Programme 2018-19, The Art Foundation (Wakefield, UK) Sound Art Residency, January 2018: pdf 


Staged, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation (London, UK) Five-a-Day, January 2018: pdf


Performing Arts Micro Bursaries, Jerwood Charitable Foundation (London, UK) Plus One, January 2018: pdf


TAPRA Postgraduate Symposium, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (London, UK) This, January 2018: pdf


Experimental Film Club (Edinburgh, UK) Meaningless Dance 18 and It’s Out of Our Hands, December 2017: pdf 


Urban Sonic Places, CRiSAP at LCC (London, UK) Horsing About, December 2017: pdf


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Now&After’18 (Moscow, Russia) It’s Out of Our Hands, December 2017: pdf


Launch Night, Clocked (Manchester, UK) Untitled Score for Two Performers, December 2017: pdf


Artist Bursaries, Jerwood Visual Arts (London, UK) Radio Play, December 2017: pdf


UK Young Artists (Nottingham, UK) Only Losers Left Alive, November 2017: pdf


Hidden Door 2018 (Edinburgh, UK) This, November 2017: pdf

Artist in Residence 2018, The Centre for Philosophy and Visual Arts and Kunsthuis SYB (London, UK and the Netherlands) This, November 2017: pdf


dx Choreography Award, DanceXchange (Birmingham, UK) This, November 2017: pdf


Anatomy 16, Summerhall (Edinburgh, UK) Five-a-Day, October 2017: pdf


Live 7, Camden People’s Theatre (London, UK) This, October 2017: pdf


Scribble Pie, The Others (London, UK) Five-a-Day, October 2017: pdf


Work Processing, Chisenhale Dance Space (London, UK) This, October 2017: pdf


In Good Company Scratch, Derby Theatre (Derby, UK) This, October 2017: pdf


A6 Books, London Centre for Book Arts (London, UK) Pocket Book, September 2017: pdf


Group show, Grand Union (Birmingham, UK) September 2017: pdf


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isthisit? (London, UK) The Rules of the Game, August 2017: pdf


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Tag Team Open Call (Bergen, Norway) Better Out Than In, July 2017: pdf


UK Young Artists, Seojung Art Centre, and Superior Gallery (Seoul, South Korea) Floorplan, July 2017: pdf

Residency, PACT Zollverein (Essen, Germany) This, July 2017: pdf


DISKURS Festival (Giessen, Germany) The Chorus, July 2017: pdf


ExperiMentor, New Art Exchange (Nottingham, UK) June 2017: pdf


Stanley Picker Fellowship, Stanley Picker Gallery (Kingston, UK) This, June 2017: pdf


Open Choreography residency, Siobhan Davies Dance (London, UK) Plus One, June 2017: pdf


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Scratch Off The Page, Object Book (London, UK) Untitled Score for Two Performers, May 2017: pdf


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Venice Agendas 2017: The Contract, Venice Agendas (Margate / Folkestone, UK) Rolling Contracts, May 2017: pdf


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dx Choreography Award 2017, danceXchange (Birmingham, UK) This, May 2017: pdf


Hidden Lines of Space (Berlin, Germany) Floorplan, May 2017: pdf


Underneath The Floorboards (London, UK) Finding the Frame, April 2017: pdf


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FLUX 4, Performance Platform (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) Empty Gestures, February 2017: pdf


Dialogues on Dance, Philosophy, and Performance, C-DaRE Coventry University (Coventry, UK) Some Possibilities, February 2017: pdf


Dreams Before Dawn, Bred in the Bone (Paris, France) Some Possibilities, February 2017: pdf


Us & Them #9, Tetrad Collective (Leicester, UK) RP, February 2017: pdf


Dance on the Radio (UK) Listen In (with Fionn Duffy), February 2017: pdf


Montag Mogus, Collegium Hungaricum Berline (Berlin, Germany) Some Possibilities, February 2017: pdf


Ground Work, Decoda (Coventry, UK) Open Platform, February 2017: pdf


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Twofold: the Particularities of Working in Pairs, Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre (London, UK) Conference paper, January 2017: pdf


Choreodrome, The Place (London, UK) Some Possibilities, January 2017: pdf


First Bite, China Plate Theatre (Midlands, UK) RP, January 2017: pdf


Residency, Low Stakes Festival (London, UK) RP, January 2017: pdf


Artistic Research Grant, L-EST/European Performing Arts and Transmedia Lab (Belfort, France) Attend, January 2017: pdf


Open Lab, Barbican (London, UK) RP, January 2017: pdf

Performing Arts Micro Bursaries, Jerwood Charitable Foundation (London, UK) RP, December 2016: pdf

Artists Bursaries, Jerwood Visual Arts (London, UK) Tempura Batter Handbook, December 2016: pdf


Production Residency, Greenwich Dance & Trinity Laban Partnership (London, UK) Lengths, December 2016: pdf


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DEparture Lounge, Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester, UK), A House Made of Cardboard and Tape, December 2016: pdf


DEparture Lounge, Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester, UK), RP, December 2016: pdf


Residencies 2017, PACT Zollverein (Essen, Germany) December 2016: pdf


Residency, TOP SHED (Norfolk, UK) November 2016: pdf


Platform for Emerging Arts, Leyden Gallery (London, UK) November 2016: pdf


BE Festival (Birmingham, UK) Empty Gestures, November 2016: pdf


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